The Money Swing

Most Financial Planning sites show how the market is doing that minute. Or talk all about some new product that will make or break you. Some give a market commentary about the direction of the market. Some walk you through opening an online account with them. Others will tell you all about what the price of oil will be next year. Or what taxes will be next year or even 30 years from now.


If you are looking for these “useful” tidbits, then we are definitely not the Advisor for you. Most financial advice espoused today shares “knowledge” of future things that are not knowable, like market returns or the future of tax law. It’s time to learn something more. No one thinks outside of the box.  We are in the business of helping clients build bigger boxes.

In a world selling financial golf clubs, we teach the money swing.

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John P. Clark, CFP® is the creator of Essentialist Investing™ & Essentialist Planning ™.  

"Nowadays people know the price of everything & the value of nothing."
- Oscar Wilde

Our Services


  • The Market


    The market- we highly suggest you read our commentary on the market, volatility, and the coronavirus that we’ve published for all our clients.  And sometimes just talking to us can be a big help.  And I personally recommend taking a break from the day-to-day news and social media feeds.

  • We can have virtual meetings using state of the art technology called ZOOM meetings


    We can have virtual meetings using state of the art technology.  We can virtually put you in our conference room, while you can be home in your pajamas.  We’ll never know, unless you want to share your video!  You can do it from an iPhone, iPad, and most smart devices, but the best experience will be on a computer screen.  Especially, if we have information to share, like reports. Good old fashion telephone works too!!!


  • We can manage money from anywhere in the world


    We can manage money from anywhere in the world.  While we are proud residents of south jersey and charitable active members of the community, we have the size and capacity to serve you anywhere.

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