What the Heck can the Phillies Run in the Playoffs Teach us about Investing?

John Clark |

The Reality of Ups and Downs: Win Some, Lose Some


  • In Baseball: Even the most successful baseball teams rarely win every game in a series. The Phillies understand that a season is a marathon, not a sprint, and even a losing streak can be turned around.


  • In Investing: Similarly, it's unrealistic to expect positive returns every quarter in your investment portfolio. Financial markets are cyclical, and a down quarter—or even a down year or two—does not spell doom for a well-diversified portfolio.


  • Risk Management: The Phillies use analytics and scouting reports to mitigate risks during games. Financial Planners use tools like asset allocation and risk profiling to help manage market-related risks.


  • Long-term Strategy: Just as the Phillies keep their eyes on the ultimate prize—the playoffs and potentially a championship—investors should focus on long-term objectives, rather than short-term market fluctuations.


Go Phillies!!!



10/25/2023 UPDATED Post Scriptum:  Sadly, just like the Phillies, there’s always next year.