3 Things to Jumpstart your Investing

John Clark |

This is about the time when many New Year’s Resolutions end.  Many people’s resolutions fail simply because it stinks to do things as habit. So, try these:

1. Instead of “trying” to save 20% of your income, try to become an “investor!”  “Who you are” is more important that “what” you may do.  It is a simple word change but can mean all the difference.

2.  Try upping your savings rate by 1%.  10 years of doing that could mean over 10% more in your tank!

3.  There is a monster debate raging on whether to pay tax now or later.  Roth or Traditional.  Doing both might be the best course of action.  Clark Associates coined the term Tax Allocation.  I will tell you, anecdotally, that I have never had a client come in at age 65 and say, “Thank goodness we get to pay all the tax now!”